I am a journalist working for the BBC, based in London. After reading English Literature at St Andrews University in Scotland I started my career as a freelance photojournalist working in Indonesia, where I was born. I moved to Beirut, Lebanon where I then began working for the BBC News bureau.

After moving to London to work for the BBC World Service I taught myself how to film using my DSLR camera. I started working as a shoot-edit for BBC reporters in the UK and in Morocco, before I began doing my own reports and after warzone training was deployed back to the Middle East to cover the Gaza war in 2014 and the Syrian refugee crisis.

I have worked on the flagship news programmes News at Six & Ten on BBC One, and as a producer covered both the 2015 general election and the European referendum for BBC Politics based in Westminster.

Currently I work both on BBC World News as a producer and an on-screen television reporter for BBC London and BBC News.